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  • tahini, delight, halwa, molasses
    Akdeniz Tahin, began production in 1971 with the manufacture of delight. Since 1980, tahini and tahini halva started production of the Mediterranean, Antalya, towns and cities
    Telephone: +90(242)345 68 67 -  Address: Cumhuriyet Mh. Eski San. Sitesi No:671 No:26Antalya Muratpaşa Antalya, Turkey
  • jam, jams, apricot jam, apricot jams, rose jam, rose jams, sour cherry jam, sour cherry jams, saray halva, chocolate halva, tahini halva, grape molasses, halwa, halva, halwan, halvah, tahini, dessert, semolina, sweet, pismaniye, pistachio, sesame halva
    We are manufacture and supply; jam, jams, apricot jam, apricot jams, rose jam, rose jams, sour cherry jam, sour cherry jams, saray halva, chocolate halva, tahini halva, grape
    Telephone: 90(374)421 6190 Address: AddressBOLU CAD.NO 282MUDURNU/BOLU/TURKEY
  • tahin halwa, halva, plain halva, halva with cocoa, tray halva with pistacho, strawberry jam, orange jam, blackberry jam, quince jam, rosehip marmelade, sesame oil, hulled sesame seed, mulberry molasses, flower honey, wafer halva, cotton candy delight with sesame paste, halva sesame, sunflower halva, halva supplier, jam production, honey
    Ageless tastes of traditional Turkish tables are meticulously produced in the light of experience of four generations at Metin Halva and Jams. Metin Halva and Jams, established by
    Telephone: +90 272 221 17 77 Address: Organize San. Bölgesi 1. Cad. 7. Sok. No:3 Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
  • delight, delights, halwa, jam, turkish delight, turkish delight machinery
    Telephone: +90 554 978 79 22 Address: OSB ASIKPASA CAD. NO : 18 KIRSEHIR
  • turkish delight, pistachios delight, pistachio delight box, nuts delight, sarma delight, stick delight, double pistachios delight, roasted double delight, turkish delights, delight export, turkish delight, fruity delight, bulk delight, box delight, 454 g delight, hazelnut delight box, 5 kg delight, pomegranate stick delight, hazelnut delight, pomegranate turkish delight, tahini halwa, halwa, helva, tahin, flavored turkish delight
    Successful activities in the food sector is still COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN 1993 Have been having. 20 DAYS OF THIS COMPANY FRESH celebrates. İNCİBEYAZ SUCCESS IN INTERNATIONAL
    Telephone: +90 212 270 55 44 Address: Harmantepe Mah. Abdi İpekçi Cad. Ülkü Sok. No:2/A Kağıthane - İstanbul, Turkey
  • food processing machinery, turkish fairy floss machine, pismaniye making machine, turkish delight machine, turkish delight making machine, pismaniye making equipments, turkish delight cooking boiler, halwa making machine, halwa making equipments, turkish manufacturers
    Company was established in 1999 and currently operates in 2500 m2 closed 3000 m2 opened area. Company manufactures turkish delight making machine, pismaniye making machine and
    Telephone: +90 386 272 10 49 / +90 554 978 79 22 / +90 543 84 Address: OSB AŞIKPAŞA CAD. NO : 18 KIRŞEHİR
  • halva, jam, cream, cream with cocoa, cream with hazelnut, sesame oil, halva with vanilin, halva with cocoa, halva with pistachio, halva with almond, white halva, halva with hazelnut, strawberry jam, cherry jam, rose jam, apricot jam, fig jam, halvas, jams, creams, creams with cocoa, creams with hazelnut, sesame oils, halvas with vanilin, halvas with cocoa, halvas with pistachio, halvas with almond, halvas with hazelnut, strawberry jams, cherry jams, rose jams, apricot jams, fig jam, halwa, halaw
    As Emek we manufacture and supply halva, jam, cream, cream with cocoa, cream with hazelnut, sesame oil, halva with vanilin, halva with cocoa, halva with pistachio, halva with
    Telephone: +90 5069037380 Address: Hacıyusuf Mescid Mah., 10532 Sk. No: 43, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • jam, halvah, halwa, tahini, honey, tahin halwa, halva, plain halva, halva with cocoa, tray halva with pistacho, strawberry jam, orange jam, blackberry jam, quince jam, rosehip marmelade, sesame oil, hulled sesame seed, mulberry molasses, flower honey, wafer halva, cotton candy delight with sesame paste, halva sesame, sunflower halva, halva supplier, jam production, honey, pine honey, price of honey, sausage with walnut, sesame paste grape molasses, sour cherry jam, sesame oil, orange jam, summer
    * **ERGÜL ŞEKERLEME was founded in 1977 and has been doing this work for years. Our company is continuing its way by increasing the production with the knowledge and experience
    Telephone: +90 224 215 65 12  Address: Çalı Mh., 20. Sk., No: 6, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • sesame machines, halva machines, sesame oil machines, sesame grinding machine, sesame oil machine, sesame cleaning machine, sesame peeling machine, sesame seed hulling machine, sesame roasting machine, tahini mills, turkish delight cooking machine, copper turkish delight cooker, halwa kneading machine, sesame bar, halwa bar line, mini tahini machine
    Using state-of the-art production methods EYG Food Machinery manufactures innovative superior-quality products that add value to customers’ end products and have achieved a high
    Telephone: +903328138990 Address: Seyran Mh. 30.Eksanayi Sk. No:14 Aksehir/Konya TURKEY
  • turkish delights, apple teas, teas, coffees, halva, halvah, halwa, instant drinks, beverages, instant apple flavor drinks, turkish coffees, turkish black teas, instant honey ginger drinks, lemon teas, pomegranate teas, halva with almond, halva with vanilla, halva with pistachio, cotton candy delight, saray halva, candiead chestnuts, pistachio turkish delight, pistachio pomegranate turkish delight, cherry berry turkish delight, mixed nuts turkish delight, mango turkish delight, rose turkish delig
    The roots of Hazer Baba dates back to 1888. It all started as a family business primarily focused on manufacture and trade of victuals in an Eastern Province of Turkey, called
    Telephone: +90 216 622 23 55 Address: Kemal Türkler Mah. Sümer Cad. Hanımeli Sokak, No:43, Sancaktepe, İstanbul, Turkey
  • halva, tahini, molasses, grape molasses, vanilla halva, cacao halva, halva with pistachio, tahini halva, traditional turkish desserts, traditional turkish food, tahini halva with vanilla, tahini halva with pistachio, tahini halva with cocoa, sesame oil, tahina, halva with vanilla, halva with cocoa, halwa, tahini halwa, tahini halwa with vanilla, tahini halwa with pistachio, tahini halwa with cocoa, halwa with vanilla, halwa with cocoa, halwa with pistachio
    Export and selling of tahini, tahini halva, tahini halva with vanilla, tahini halva with cocoa, tahini halva with pistachio, grape molasses and import of sesame. Having
    Telephone: +90 258 261 10 98 Address: Sümer Mah. 2489 Sk. No: 7 - Denizli, Turkey
  • food processing machine, confectionery machinery, turkish delight machine, saray halwa machine, pismaniye production mahcine, halva production machine, turkish fairy floss production machine, sugar boiling machine, dough processing machine, turkish fairy floss machine, sugar whitening machine, turkish fairy floss making machine, halva making machine, saray halwa press machine, dough cooking machine, dough warming machine, automatic pismaniye making machine, food processing machinery, hydraulic pismaniye making machine, pismaniye machine, saray halwa making machine, sugar boiling baker, sugar cooling bath, soan papdi machine, sohan papdi, sweet making machine, dough making machine, pishmaniye sugar boiling machine, sugar boiling, sugar cooking, sugar for soan papdi, pishmaniye sugar cooling unit, table for sugar cooling, saray halvah press machine, halva press machine, press for helva, halvah grinding machine, halva grinding machine, turkish delight cooking boiler, turkish delight cooking machine, turkish delight cutting machine, lokum cooking machine, lokum cutting machine, mixer for lokum, mixer for turkish delight, gypsophila mixer, powder sugar, powder sugar machine, rock candy slimming machine, candy slimming machine, role machine, rock candy, rock candy forming machine, cooling tunnel, rock candy cooling tunnel, rock candy rotary cooling sieve, sugar cooling unit, tahini producing machine, tahini machine, tahini milling machine, two head tahini milling machine, sesame squezzing, sesame drying machine, sesame shell seperating machine, sesame dehulling, sesame pilling machine, sesame roasting oven, kunafa making machine, kunafa cooking stove, kunafa dough cooking machine, chocolate coating machine, cake cutting machine, dull cake cutting machine, sherbet cooking vessel, cake slicing machine, kunafa machines, sesame baking machine, halvah vıscous and sherbet cookıng vessel, press machine, cotton candy machine, sugar pulling machine, cotton candy making machine, dough for cotton candy, turkish sweets, soanpapdi machine
    Kagnici Makine - The Power Behind the unique flavor We started to be active in pastry and food industry in 1970. We were aware that there was not any mechanization and
    Telephone: +90 332 342 12 84 Address: Büsan Özel Organize San., Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Kenitra Cad., No: 7/E, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • halwa, halva, honey, sweet, sweets, jam, jams
    Our Company is a producer of Turkish Halwa and Honey, Sweets, Jams , We have the producer of Cream Halwa the name is Tahonez we are the only producer in the World, Tahonella
    Telephone: 224 482 4173 Address: Kayapa Yolu Üstü No:7, Turkey
  • semi-automatic packaging, food machines, food machines, agricultural machinery, biscuit, delight cutting machine, delight machines, machine jam, jam machine, halwa making machines, halva making machines, tahini halwa machines, tahini halva machines, halwa machines, halwa machinery, halva machines, jam making machines
    Matisan was founded in 2006 with innovation and visionary spirit. We are making production according to customer requirements, we are constantly developing. Lately, matisan has
    Telephone: 0 222 246 06 09 Address: 75. Yıl Mahallesi 11227 Sokak No : 8 Odunpazarı / ESKİŞEHİR
  • butter, halawa, hazelnut paste with crocant, hazelnut spread with cocoa, honey, jams, margarine, molasses, peanut butter, processed cheese, tahini, sesame paste, halva, halwa, jam, chocolate spread, hazelnut cream, fruit jam, peanut paste, catering, portion packs, praline, picnic portion, breakfast, tahin halva, plain halva, halva with pistachio
    MND Gida from 1984 to Present Our enterprise aiming to present the best and the highest quality from the capital of the country and savor to its consumers has begun its
    Telephone: +90 312 814 55 90  Address: İstanbul Yolu, 33. Km, Bitik Köyü Girişi, Kozan, Ankara, Turkey
  • packing, packaging, packings, packagings, biscuit packings, cracker packings, chips packagings, candy packings, sweet packings, confectionery packings, butter packings, ice cream packings, driednut packings, chocolate packings, soup packings, puding packings, legumes packings, macaroni packings, pasta packings, tea packings, coffee packings, soap packings, detergent packings, gum packings, chewing gum packings, cake packings, halva packings, halvah packings, halwa packings, biscuit packing, water label, medicine packing
    ÜÇSA PACKAGING works for finding the best solutions for the service sector that keeps the quality of the job, with a cadre of miniscians, who find special solutions to the
    Telephone: +90 338 224 14 81 Address: ORG.SAN.BÖL.7.CD.NO:12, MERKEZ, KARAMAN, TURKEY
  • jam, halwa, hazelnut cream chocolate, spreadable Chocolate, tahini, molasses, turkish delight, hazelnut creams, sweets, food products, foodstuff, diabetic jams, wafer, halwa with walnut, halwa with cacao, carob molasses
    As being the leader brand in the sector in terms oftaste and quality and being preferred by consumer,Seyidoğlu broke ground in Turkey in halva, jam andsesame seed paste with
    Telephone: +90 212 771 19 20 Address: Hadımkoy Mah. Ürgüplü Cad No:44 Arnavutkoy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Halwa, Halva, Halwan, Halvah, Tahini, Dessert, Flour, Semolina, Preparation, Sweet, Pismaniye, Pistachio, Sesame Halva, Recipe, Jam, Jams
    Telephone: 0212 640 94 04 Address: Kocatepe Mahallesi 12.Sok. C 20 Blok No:168 Mega Center Bayrampaşa, Turkey
  • jams, marmalades, sugar syrup, halwa
    Telephone: +905383756987 Address: Prof.Dr.Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Mah. Metiş Sitesi 5/5
  • tahini, sesame, poppy, poppy butter, honey, molasses, foam halwa
    tahini, sesame, poppy, poppy butter, honey, molasses, foam
    Telephone: 05376018708 Address: Konya, Turkey
  • tea, herb tea, delight, dried fruits, spices, halwa
    We have been producing since 1995 we have 4000 sqm of closed area, our certificates are ISO 9001,
    Telephone: +90(242)345 86 14 Address: Eski Sanayi Mah.665 Sok.No:19 Muratpaşa Antalya, Turkey
  • molasses, jams, halwa, honey, sesame oil, fruit flavored instant drink, food stuf
    We are exporters for food stuff like molasses, halwa,
    Telephone: +90(242)340 25 88  Address: H.Alanı Karşısı Altınova Sınanmah. Honamlı Sok. No:4 Kepez Antalya, Turkey
  • food procesing machines, turkish delight cutting machine, turkish delights cutting machine, delights cutting machine, sweets cutting machine, chocolate cutting machine, halwa production machine, halwa cutting machine, chocolate grinder, jam manufacturing machine, jam cutting machine, molasses cooking machine, mixer machine, chocolate mixer machine, sugar powder mill, food processing machines
    The company Çalışkan Gıda Makineleri started its trading operating as a family business. After 2000 years the company was started its activity as companion company through market
    Telephone: + 90 332 345 03 06 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Büsan Özel Org San. Böl 10665 Sk 4-J Karatay Konya Turkey
  • food, foodstuff, food products, halva, halwa, date, fig paste, dried food, dried foodstuff, walnut kernel, dried nuts, dried yellow raisin, dried raisin, glass jar jam, dried fig, dried apricot, dried okra, plastic jar jam, bulk jam, traditional halva, jam, sesame paste, grape molasses, turkish delight, dried fruits, dried fruit, fruit pastes, semolina halva
    Eris is a food manufacturer and exporter company, founded in 1903, in TURKEY. We have large range of high quality products, based on satisfaction of our customers and partners. We
    Telephone: +90 222 236 02 88 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 9. Cadde No :38 Eskişehir / Turkey
  • sesame machines, sesame oil machines, halwa machines, turkish delight machines, wafer line, chocolate line, cream chocolate machines, jam machines, filling machines
    Telephone: (90)(332) 813 64 27 Address: EK SAN 2.SAN.SITESI 4-B BLOK K ARS. (KAMYON GARAJI ARKASI) AKŞEHİR
  • confectionery, delight, turk delight, double roasted turk delight, turk delight with pistachio, turk delight with nuts, halawa, haleweh, halava, helava, helva, halwa, halua, aluva, chalva, cacao flavoured halva, halva with cacao, halva with walnut, tahini halva, sesame halva, jam, strawberry jam, apricot jam
    Having been established in 1924, Hacı Pasa Suluhan Sekercisi has produced Turkish delight, chocolate and halva since its establishment. In production steps company uses natural
    Telephone: +90 352 321 23 13  Address: O.S.B. Bölgesi 12. Cadde No: 12 Melikgazi / Kayseri, Turkey
  • halva, halwa, halvah, turkish delight, molasses, tahini
    Telephone: 90(236)239 15 25 Address: ADRES: 2.ANAFARTALAR MAH.1510 SOK. NO:5/A ŞEHZADELER MANISAturkey
  • Sugar, Candy, Confectionery, Halwa, Tahini, Chocolates, Biscuits, Cakes, Snacks, Frozen Foods, Dairy Products, Meat Products, Fresh Fruits, Vegetable Oils, Drinks, Beverages
    Telephone: 05337135209 Address: Fatih istanbul
  • dried nuts, dried fruits, candy, confectionary, halwa, halva, delight, sesame oil, coffee, molasses sausage, cezerye, sunflower seeds, pistachio, earthnuts, pumpkin seeds, white chickpeas, chickpeas, almond kernel, almond, nuts, turkish delight, coffee, kinds of dried nuts, musko nuts, mixed dried nuts, luxury turkish delight
    Our company was founded in 2008 by Mustafa Kocak. Nuts, kind of delight, halva, sesame oil and dried coffee, which produces MUSKO ERCİYES DRIED FRUITS/NUTS, has developed by
    Telephone: +90 322 428 14 28 Address: Yeşiloba Mah. 46069 Sk. No : 6\A Seyhan-Adana, Turkey
  • almonds, cashew, delights, double roasted yellow chickpeas, dry nuts, halvah, halwa, hazelnut kernels, nuts, peanuts, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, roasted corn, salted yellow chickpeas, soy sauce chicpeas, spiced chickpeas, spiced peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnut in shell, walnuts, white chickpeas
    Özlen Kuruyemiş, which is leading brand in Balıkesir, was established by Zülfü Özlen in 2002 and as soon as it became a prominent firm in Balıkesir with its understanding that
    Telephone: +905542779190 Address: Balıkesir, Turkey
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